Hallucinating over Madonna

Only great artists need apply.

Mediocre performers send us to sleep. Great artists sweep us into kaleidoscope worlds where we either twirl in ecstasy – or cower in the darkness of our fetid minds.

eraserheadsMillennial youth with no memory of a dictator are probably also clueless on the history of Tito Sotto, who once slipped into a void where he mistook Eraserhead lyrics for satanic verses.

The Heads were in good company, right up there with the gods of rock and roll.

Sotto, even in delirium, wasn’t even capable of an original tale.

Led Zeppelin, for one, had been the subject of fervent denunciation by an evangelical broadcaster named Paul Crouch.

ledzepCrouch, probably a decrypter in some past life, translated “If there’s a bustle in your hedgerow” to this:

“Oh here’s to my sweet Satan. The one whose little path would make me sad, whose power is Satan. He will give those with him 666. There was a little tool shed where he made us suffer, sad Satan.”

gagaMuch later, folk who called themselves Christians spied horns, hoofs and scaled wings on the famous figure of Lady Gaga. They demanded the cancellation of her Philippine concert to save the souls of the thousands who’d bought tickets.

And now, here’s a guy, Wyden King, who probably can turn to mist and go through concrete walls and steel trusses.

King emailed journalists, saying the Queen of Pop’s hotel room in Manila had walls painted black.

photo from ABS-CBNNews.com

He heard from that room incantations and curses against our country, never mind that an entire arena rocked in harmony with Madonna Louise Ciccone. 

King’s X-ray eyes also saw fault lines beneath the MOA, with wicked imps dancing and jiving to shake the earth.

He blamed Madonna, not corrupt building contractors, for the deaths in big quake that rocked Taiwan during the week of her concerts there.

photo from ABS-CBNNews.com

He begged us all to pray and storm the heavens so God strikes down the woman he calls “high priestess of the Illuminati.”

He also called on people to trap Jesus’ blood in some giant shaker and rain down red on all of Madonna’s concert props.

I want whatever the guy’s been smoking.

“An intercessor saw huge demons with horns and tails covering that event venue and the place is filled with huge and small dragons and snakes.  He also saw that the satanists have created a HEXAGRAM ALTAR at MOA Arena.  He saw it in the spirit  that they placed sacrificial candles on each point of the hexagram and they are doing an abominable sexual act inviting Bafomet to that place.”

Bafomet or Baphomet. Photo from Wikipaedia commons

Bafomet was an idol the Knights Templar allegedly worshipped. He does look like a groovy concert prop.

King actually asked us to pray so that God would destroy the venue – and all the wicked people in there.

Last I checked, people were streaming out with dopey grins on their faces.

But Francis Tolentino wins the Delusion Medal. The Playgirls should shower him with twerks and kisses for placing them on the same plane with the Queen of Pop.